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18 carat diamond set with emerald

12.499,95 kr.27.959,95 kr.

Can be sold separately

Ring Size: 13/53

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18 carat diamond set with emerald


Emerald set in 18 carat white gold with polished surface and brilliant cut diamonds in EF / SI. An incredibly beautiful and elegant gift for the one you love.

Item number:

Pendant: RL05088

Ring: RZ04406

Earring: RK01852

Set: DS880652

product information:

Metal: 18 Carat White Gold

Pendant: 18 KW / Dia. 0.36 ct / 1 emerald 0.32 ct

Earring: 18 KW / Dia. 0.71 ct / 2 emerald 0.85 ct

Ring: 18 KW / Dia. 0.40 ct / 1 emerald 0.47 ct

Stone: Diamond

Diamond Color: EF colorless

Diamond Clarity: SI

Ring rail:

Top: 15×11 mm

Bottom width: 3 mm

Top thickness: 4 mm

Bottom thickness: 1 mm

Ring Size: 13/53

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Pendant, Earring, Ring, Set

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